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Facade Glazing

One of the main activities of Skloresurs company is architectural facade glazing. Our manufacture produces insulated glazing of various geometric shapes and constructions. Our technical equipment give us ability to make a double and triple glass windows of different thickness. Our insulating glass consist not only of float glass but it may include energy saving glass (with soft-coat), toned glass, reflective glass, hardened and laminated glass.

Insulating glass for Structural Glass Facades

Structural glazing is the most innovative and astonishing form of facades construction that has been coming in the facade construction industry for a long time. Structural glazing gives opportunity to architects and designers to create facades made of various glass. Structural glazed facades are used not only in modern constructions but in reconstruction of old buildings too. Structural glazing provides a mount of capabilities for creativity.

Semi-structural facade

The main feature of this facade resolution is the absence of 50mm clamping and decorative covers. Instead of them we use thing and almost invisible outside clamping covers which actually imitate structural seams. There is ability to install integrated windows in semi-structural form in the construction of a facade that actually plays a role of window blocks. The usage of thermal inserts and sealers let us to install Insulating glass from 28mm to 50mm thickness that meet the requirements of structural glazing.

Mullion-transom facade

A Mullion-transom facade system is the most common and basic system for other systems. Its basis is vertical racks and horizontal profiles - girth rails.

Spider Facades

Spider Facades got its name because of the similarity with a spider. A bracket has a central bracing part and pairs of «feet». A few holes are need to be drilled in glass and panels can be attached with the help of spot holders (Ruthelen) to a bracket. This construction technique gives ability to install glass sheets under any angle and to form smooth curves on the facade. Spider Glazing is also used to form a large flat area. A supporting frame is placed inside the building and the wall turns into a mirror which reflects clouds.