Are you sure of the safety of your windows?

According to statistics, four out of five injured individuals died or sustained injuries from bomb fragments, debris, building parts, stones, and shattered glass. Glass accounted for 80% of injuries and fatalities caused by such debris. The problem lies in the fact that regular glass, commonly used in modern architecture, has a strength of 15 megapascals and cannot withstand the force of an explosive blast. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is much better at withstanding more powerful explosion forces. If a regular glass is likely to be destroyed with a 90% probability at a distance of 100 meters from a missile explosion, tempered glass at a distance of 60 meters has a 90% chance of remaining intact. Tempered glass can withstand up to eight times the pressure force of an explosive blast compared to regular glass, up to 120 megapascals. Upon a strong impact or explosion, tempered glass shatters into small fragments that pose no significant risk of severe injuries or fatality. Don't risk your life and health! Choose safety!