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Warm Spacer Frame: Key to Energy Conservation

The warm spacer frame stands out as the best solution for eco-friendly construction, with its key features being high energy efficiency, durability, and a favorable indoor microclimate.


Advantages of the Warm Spacer Frame:

  • High Thermal Insulation: Reduces heat loss through the glass unit and lowers heating costs.
  • Condensation Reduction: Prevents condensation on the inner side of the glass, avoiding mold and mildew growth.
  • Improved Comfort: Creates a stable microclimate indoors, providing greater comfort for residents.
  • Energy Savings: Reduces energy consumption for heating and air conditioning, leading to lower utility bills.
  • Durability: Increases the service life of the glass unit, making it less prone to wear and tear.


This frame is a crucial component for building efficiency and comfort in any home or office.

We recommend the warm spacer frame manufactured by Technoform, known for its products with high aesthetic and thermal insulation properties, ensuring excellent quality and the environmental friendliness of glass units through a combination of polypropylene and steel. Technoform's products are certified by CSTB (France) and Rosenheim (Germany) institutes.