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Safety glass

Laminated safety glass is widely used in modern constructions. It successfully competes with more traditional materials due to its high durability and safety. Combining glass of different thickness with polymer layers we create products of different protection levels, e.g bulletproof glass. Laminated glass allows to refuse traditional grate, shutters, metal doors, protective shutters

Impact-resistant glass

Impact-resistant glass is glass of higher strength that is able to withstand a heavy hit. This is important when you install showcases, partitions for cash zones, modern architectural decoration and in the design of facades and interiors.

Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is used to protect staff from an attack involving firearms. Bulletproof glass is used to withstand one or more bullets depending on the thickness of glass and the type of weapon.


Triplex is laminated glass that consist of two or more sheets of glass and is bonded by polymer. After a physical impact such glass is not divided into little fragments that fall out from the construction, as it is in the case with normal glass but fragments remain bounded with polymer and stay together.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass is able to change its optical properties, becoming from transparent matte, up to complete optical impermeability.

Advantages of a partition from smart glass:

  • Reduces heat loss and reduces lighting and air conditioning costs.
  • Consumes little energy.
  • Replaces blinds, curtains and shading screens.
  • Transmits light well.
  • Does not require special care: washes like ordinary glass ..