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Interior and Furniture

In modern architecture glass can be used not only for building facades. The specific feature of a modern building is the usage of glass for roofs, floors, walls, doors, bathrooms and furniture.

All-glass constructions and showcases

We cannot imagine a modern shopping mall or an office building without glass showcases, show windows and glass partitions that all make an illusion of space and underline the designer’s style.

Decoration of the interior

Decoration of opaque parts of the interior - walls, columns, kitchen wall panels. Glass allows you to create various variants of glazing. Natural wood, stone can be imitated in glass. Any particular color or a unique pattern can be displayed in glass.

Glass Partitions and balustrades

Glass can be installed both in a wooden/stainless steel frame and as a self-supporting construction were railing need to be installed directly into glass. In this case the element have to consist of 2 hardened and laminated glass. Stairs and floors that are made of sheet glass are esthetic variant of modern interiors. The main task of such products is the usage of glass as a strength element of the floor, partition, stairs etc.

Shower cabins and interior doors

Glass makes our bathroom very individual and comfortable. For shower cabins we use hardened glass 8-12mm. Glass can be colorless, toned, completely matte or with a matte picture (sandblasted glass).