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External elements of architecture

Glass is a a modern material with ancient traditions and great future. Glass is resistant to the main types of acids and alkalis. It is insoluble in water and not exposed to corrosion. It doesn’t lose its color or become sallow. The usage of glass elements allows to create the feeling of space and light in the room that is full of air. Winter gardens and glazed surfaces are very popular in modern buildings as they visually increase the area of an apartment. They all make the feeling of space

Glass canopy and visors

If you want to give originality to the building and at the same time to provide additional protection in the area of the entrance than you should install a glass canopy. They create a special effect when they are combined with glass doors or glass entrance lobby.

Winter gardens

People want to have a winter garden for different reasons. The ability to enjoy life is one of those reasons. The winter garden allows you enjoy sun and light all year-round revel splendor and fragrance of flowering plants, to feel comfort and admire the beauty of the surroundings. You can revel magnificence and fragrance of blooming flowers and plants. You can admire the beauty of the surroundings.


Today windows have become multifunctional structures with considerable marketing value. Showcases must meet the strictest safety requirements regardless of their type. That is why they must be made of tempered glass or triplex.

Roof constructions

Recently roof construction in the form of spikes, spheres, hemispheres and domes that originally complete the building have become very popular. They are made of insulated glass that include laminated or tempered glass.