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Company history

The company «Skloresurs» was founded in 2006. The main activity is the processing of glass for facades and interiors.

The main activity is the processing of glass for facades and interiors. There is a modern manufacturing that was built using production line of global leaders in glass processing sphere such as Lisec, Bystronic, Forel, Baveloni, NorthGlass, Mistrello, INO, SkillGlass, Pujol, GFP, Bovone etc. With the help of European experts the company developed the technology of the most modern glazing systems. Our products meet the world standards of energy efficiency, shading and safety. We have mastered the technology of spider glazing system and structural glazing. We got certified by international companies such as Guardian, AGC, Saint Gobain, Sika, DowCoring, Tremko etc.

The company «Skloresurs» introduced the system of quality control ISO 9001 and has established a certified laboratory to provide the quality products and service. We have been working with customers in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. To improve the quality of services we created our own autopark to transport our products to customers and their constructions.
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7200 production area


210professional staff

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Skloresurs today

  • Certified laboratory for determining the quality of products
  • Three glass cutting lines Lisec are available to work with glass size of 3210х6000mm
  • Три лінії складання склопакетів for assembling insulating glass with the size up to 2700x5000mm with the function of gas filling, sealing with polysulfide, silicone and polyurethane
  • Polishing, grinding and parallel processing of glass edges on such equipment as Deltaprogetti, Forel, Doubl edger
  • Оven for hardening glass that is suitable for the newest types of glass up to 2440h5000 mm
  • Heat Soak Test. The test for detecting of nickel sulfide impurities
  • INO jambocoater Line is used to apply сeramic paint on glass with the width up to 2200mm than goes the process of drying
  • Four ovens for glass lamination with the size up to 2450h5000mm
  • Sand blasting of glass for making a product unique.
  • The quality control system ISO 9001


  • Guardian
  • Pilkington
  • SaintGobain


105, Semidubskaya str.
tell.: +38 (03656) 2 82 83
fax: +38 (03656) 4 55 65

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Facade Glazing

One of the main activities of Skloresurs company is architectural facade glazing. Our manufacture produces insulated glazing of various geometric shapes and constructions. Our technical equipment give us ability to make a double and triple glass windows of different thickness. Our insulating glass consist not only of float glass but it may include energy saving glass (with soft-coat), toned glass, reflective glass, hardened and laminated glass.

Цільно-скляні конструкції та вітрини

Insulating glass for Structural Glass Facades

Structural glazing is the most innovative and astonishing form of facades construction that has been coming in the facade construction industry for a long time. Structural glazing gives opportunity to architects and designers to create facades made of various glass. Structural glazed facades are used not only in modern constructions but in reconstruction of old buildings too. Structural glazing provides a mount of capabilities for creativity.

Оздоблення непрозорих частин інтер’єру – стіни, колони

Semi-structural facade

The main feature of this facade resolution is the absence of 50mm clamping and decorative covers. Instead of them we use thing and almost invisible outside clamping covers which actually imitate structural seams. There is ability to install integrated windows in semi-structural form in the construction of a facade that actually plays a role of window blocks. The usage of thermal inserts and sealers let us to install Insulating glass from 28mm to 50mm thickness that meet the requirements of structural glazing.

Перила та балюстради

Mullion-transom facade

A Mullion-transom facade system is the most common and basic system for other systems. Its basis is vertical racks and horizontal profiles - girth rails.

Душові кабіни та міжкімнатні двері

Spider Facades

Spider Facades got its name because of the similarity with a spider. A bracket has a central bracing part and pairs of «feet». A few holes are need to be drilled in glass and panels can be attached with the help of spot holders (Ruthelen) to a bracket. This construction technique gives ability to install glass sheets under any angle and to form smooth curves on the facade. Spider Glazing is also used to form a large flat area. A supporting frame is placed inside the building and the wall turns into a mirror which reflects clouds.


Interior and Furniture

In modern architecture glass can be used not only for building facades. The specific feature of a modern building is the usage of glass for roofs, floors, walls, doors, bathrooms and furniture.

Цільно-скляні конструкції та вітрини

All-glass constructions and showcases

We cannot imagine a modern shopping mall or an office building without glass showcases, show windows and glass partitions that all make an illusion of space and underline the designer’s style.

Оздоблення непрозорих частин інтер’єру – стіни, колони

Decoration of the interior

Decoration of opaque parts of the interior - walls, columns, kitchen wall panels. Glass allows you to create various variants of glazing. Natural wood, stone can be imitated in glass. Any particular color or a unique pattern can be displayed in glass.

Перила та балюстради

Glass Partitions and balustrades.

Glass can be installed both in a wooden/stainless steel frame and as a self-supporting construction were railing need to be installed directly into glass. In this case the element have to consist of 2 hardened and laminated glass. Stairs and floors that are made of sheet glass are esthetic variant of modern interiors. The main task of such products is the usage of glass as a strength element of the floor, partition, stairs etc.

Душові кабіни та міжкімнатні двері

Shower cabins and interior doors

Glass makes our bathroom very individual and comfortable. For shower cabins we use hardened glass 8-12mm. Glass can be colorless, toned, completely matte or with a matte picture (sandblasted glass).


Safety glass

Laminated safety glass is widely used in modern constructions. It successfully competes with more traditional materials due to its high durability and safety. Combining glass of different thickness with polymer layers we create products of different protection levels, e.g bulletproof glass. Laminated glass allows to refuse traditional grate, shutters, metal doors, protective shutters


Impact-resistant glass

Impact-resistant glass is glass of higher strength that is able to withstand a heavy hit. This is important when you install showcases, partitions for cash zones, modern architectural decoration and in the design of facades and interiors.

Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is used to protect staff from an attack involving firearms. Bulletproof glass is used to withstand one or more bullets depending on the thickness of glass and the type of weapon.



Triplex is laminated glass that consist of two or more sheets of glass and is bonded by polymer. After a physical impact such glass is not divided into little fragments that fall out from the construction, as it is in the case with normal glass but fragments remain bounded with polymer and stay together.


External elements of architecture

Glass is a a modern material with ancient traditions and great future. Glass is resistant to the main types of acids and alkalis. It is insoluble in water and not exposed to corrosion. It doesn’t lose its color or become sallow. The usage of glass elements allows to create the feeling of space and light in the room that is full of air. Winter gardens and glazed surfaces are very popular in modern buildings as they visually increase the area of an apartment. They all make the feeling of space

Козирки та навіси

Glass canopy and visors

If you want to give originality to the building and at the same time to provide additional protection in the area of the entrance than you should install a glass canopy. They create a special effect when they are combined with glass doors or glass entrance lobby.

Winter gardens

Winter gardens

People want to have a winter garden for different reasons. The ability to enjoy life is one of those reasons. The winter garden allows you enjoy sun and light all year-round revel splendor and fragrance of flowering plants, to feel comfort and admire the beauty of the surroundings. You can revel magnificence and fragrance of blooming flowers and plants. You can admire the beauty of the surroundings.



Today windows have become multifunctional structures with considerable marketing value. Showcases must meet the strictest safety requirements regardless of their type. That is why they must be made of tempered glass or triplex.


Roof constructions

Recently roof construction in the form of spikes, spheres, hemispheres and domes that originally complete the building have become very popular. They are made of insulated glass that include laminated or tempered glass.


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